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Sports Medicine

The Whittier College Sports Medicine staff is organized to provide high-quality medical care to all student-athletes within the Whittier College Intercollegiate Athletic Program. The health and well-being of the student-athletes is our primary goal by means of prevention, evaluation, recognition, management, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of athletic injuries that result from physical activity. The program is comprised of Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC), team physicians, our on-campus Health Center, and our on-campus Counseling Center.

The Sports Medicine staffs consist of three ATC’s who are certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATA BOC).  Undergraduate and Graduate Athletic Training Students from nearby universities who are studying and enrolled in an Athletic Training Education Program, assist the ATC’s and gain “hands-on” experience under the supervision of the staff. The Sports Medicine staff also permits students interested in the athletic training profession or other related professions to intern and gain insight on essential skills and experiences.

The Sports Medicine staff also upholds the BOC Standards of Professional Practice that includes Practice Standards and Code of Professional Responsibility.

BOC Standards of Professional Practice   

WC's Sports Medicine team's Professional Standards of Care:


  • Taping and wrapping
  • Pre-practice or game modalities (heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and laser therapy)
  • Hydration control of teams 


  • Initial (on-field) Care of injuries
  • Emergency protocols for each venue and every possible injury
  • Evaluate and manage injuries 


  • Design and implement rehabilitation protocols for injuries
  • Create a safe environment for regaining strength, proprioception, flexibility, and agility after an injury.
  • Implement safe return-to-activity protocols